Craft 2


No matter your level of artistic ability, we have a craft for you here.  

Ceramic painting  is simple, relaxing and fun for adults and children alike. You don’t have to be an artist to craft a masterpiece! We supply the materials, atmosphere and inspiration, you simply provide the imagination. We have a fantastic range of bisque ready for you to paint, whether it be your own mug, a cute little animal or a funky teapot.

Decoupage is an amazingly therapeutic craft, again it is simple but the results are always fantastic. Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper pieces to it, we have a wide variety of both papier-mâché, wooden and glass items that are perfect to decorate.

A recent addition to our crafts is Foam Clay, this is an Air Drying Modelling Clay with a unique texture. It is very soft and easy to use, making it ideal for children and beginners. We use it to decorate ceramics, papier-mâché and wooden objects, creating colourful works of art.

We also have a range of pre-drawn canvases available, ready to be painted with acrylics paints.

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